Jamaican Politics 

Michael Manley 1973 budget speech



Michael Manley Interviewed by Gil Noble 1977

Former Jamaican Prime Minister is interviewed by Gil Noble in 1977

Jamaica in the 1970s (1 of 3)

Michael Manley’s newly elected government built up close ties with Fidel Castro’s Cuba and brought in a wave of social reforms. Inevitably, this attracted the negative attention of the US.

Jamaica in the 1970s (2 of 3)

After Michael Manley won a second election, the US stepped-up it’s efforts to avoid “another Cuba.” Political violence and unrest exploded in Jamaica resulting in many people losing their lives. This, coupled with the cutting of economic aid from the US put a severe strain on Manley’s ‘leftist’ PNP government.


Prime Minister Michael Manley and Jamaican Tourism

Prime Minister Manley discusses Jamaican Tourism with investors, media and business people.


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