President’s Appointed Positions


President Desmond Sinclair

Bar Managers Verley Smith
Desbert Scott
Bar Manager/Security Ronald Howe
Business Manager Parnell Durrant
Eldred Fund Committee Oswald Ricketts
Blondell Cockfield
Deborah McDonald
Executive Assistant to the President Deborah McDonald
Hospitality Manager Delva Sinclair
Investment /Fixed Assets Manager Alton Grange
Membership Committee Marie Diaz
Ranald Little
Alvin Chang
Parliamentary Newton Cato
Personal Assistant to President Marie Robinson
Kenroy Daley
Project Manager George McKenzie
Public Policy Manager Sonia Davis
Publication Manager Donnette Gayle-Goffe
Recreation Manager Mckane Collins
Residence Chef Eula Huggins
Rules Committee Catherine Tomlinson
Lloyd Smith
Newton Cato
Scholarship Coordinator Board of Directors
Senior Program Manager Tawana Robinson

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